Everyday Aero… Yeah, We Just Made It A Thing

S-Works Evade

Countless tunnel hours. Numerous iterations. One goal: Make the fastest road helmet in the world faster and cooler. We wouldn't be here if we didn't do it.

Spinnable Product Image

Shape Shifting

Jigsaw Aero Testing

A fast helmet is the sum of its parts, so it makes sense to test each part on its own, right? Having our Win Tunnel on the block lets us do this, and really, any other kind of aero testing we want. And while it may look like a bit of Mr. Potato Head configuring, our jigsaw testing method is our most refined aero testing to date. Cutting the helmet up into multiple pieces allowed us to test each part of the helmet on its own, so we could determine what vents and shapes were fastest. Put them together, and you have yourself the fastest road helmet in the world.

Turn Down The Heat

Exclusive Thermal Testing

Thermal testing helmets is a dark art, so rather than trust some strange wizard back behind the Win Tunnel, we developed our own protocol. Did we burn some helmet pads for science? Absolutely. Did we learn more than ever about helmet cooling? You bet. We're happy to say that the new Evade is actually just as cool as not wearing a helmet. Yes, you read that right. There's no longer a reason to not go aero on every ride.
Aero & Thermal Working In Harmony

It’s Called the Win Tunnel for a Reason

What’s with all the airflow testing and why does it matter? First off, it created the fastest road helmet we’ve ever tested. It’s not only six seconds faster than the original Evade, on average, but nearly quick as our S-Works TT. And just as importantly, we answered the question, “Why save watts when you’re dying of heat exhaustion?” The new Evade is not only cooler than the original, but it’s proven to be as cool as wearing nothing at all.