The New S-Works 7 And
All-New Evade

You like to go fast. We do, too. That's why we make an edge when it doesn't exist—an edge for us, an edge for that guy back there in the photo, and most importantly, an edge for you. And since their inception, our line of S-Works shoes and Evade helmets have been doing just that: making the things we love the most, well, a little faster.

Explosive Speed, Superior Comfort

S-Works 7

For generations, S-Works shoes have been all about comfort and performance. And now, we've taken all of the features you love to even greater heights.

The Fastest is Finally Cool

S-Works Evade

Our first Evade was all about speed, but hey, we've done some therapy and can admit it was a little hot. Good news, though: the all-new Evade is not only faster, but it's as cool as not wearing a helmet at all. Consider it aero for every day.