We have been refining our FSR suspension linkage for over 20 years. Much of the fine-tuning comes from pivot location and construction. Additional “magic” occurs from the linkage’s highly valuable interaction with the shock, which connects the rear-end to the rest of the bike. Several years ago, our MTB Team and engineers designed the ManFu Link—a unique way to connect the shock to the suspension linkage by wrapping around the seat tube. The ManFu Link features a couple of important attributes:

  1. Allows our frames designers and engineers to place pivot points, as well as the shock, in optimal locations.

  2. We achieve greater flexibility in frame design and layout.

  3. The ManFu is specifically the “shock extension.” The alloy link at the end of the shock that looks similar to a glorious moustache, the “Fu Manchu.”

Ultimately, this makes for beneficial and functional features, like uninterrupted seat tubes, shorter and stiffer seat stays, and better shock sensitivity—all of which boost the already awesome ride!The ManFu design has found its way onto nearly all of our FSR bikes, allowing riders to experience the benefits of optimized suspension performance, and the structural stiffness riders demand with full use of an uninterrupted seat tube.

Other brands have seen the advantage of the ManFu Link, and have begun utilizing on their suspension mountain bikes. We have licensed our ManFu technology to those manufacturers to bring the benefits to those whom matter most: the riders.