What’s your 14-day satisfaction policy?

We understand that you wish to get satisfactory commodities. The return policies on the current page are only applicable to the commodities purchased on All commodities purchased on are entitled to be returned without cause within 14 days upon receipt of such commodities.


What’re the notes and terms of purchase on the official website?

Thank you for your question. Please click the link to check the entire notes and terms of purchases.


How to contact SPECIALIZED’s distributors or RIDER CARE’s service personnel?

The best way to find a retailer in your area is to make sure you are logged into your region on our website and then click the "FIND STORE ". There, you will find contact information for a SPECIALIZED store.


Have SPECIALIZED’s products passed the safety inspection?

For several years, SPECIALIZED, its suppliers, and test labs have been testing SPECIALIZED branded products for compliance with more rigid criteria than that contained in the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act). When the CPSIA was enacted into law, SPECIALIZED established a team inside the Company to discuss and study the legislation and develop a comprehensive plan to ensure the products compliance with relevant safety regulations. We also personally met with the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) staff, along with our industry partners, to make sure our planning would satisfy federal regulators. Based on the aforesaid, we believe that all SPECIALIZED branded products are in compliance with the rules and regulations of the CPSC. The following product standards apply to our products sold in the United States and China.

SPECIALIZED issues COCs (certificates of compliance) for the following categories of products:




4.Children's products


Where can I try riding a SPECIALIZED bicycle?

For the riders who desire to experience SPECIALIZED’s bicycles, we recommend you to participate in the demo ride activities organized by us. Some retailers also offer demo bikes. Check with your local retailer to see if this is an available option.




How do I update my account information?

You can enter your email address and password to log into your account and view your account information. At the same time, You can also update your email address, name, password, shipping information and other information in your account.



Bike and Equipment Registration

How do I register my bicycle and equipment?

We encourage you to register your bicycle and other equipment products purchased from us within the first 90 days of purchase. All SPECIALIZED bicycles, equipment and ROVAL wheels can be registered by the owners at the“SPECIALIZED会员中心” WeChat mini program.
By registering your bicycles and equipment, you can use the registration as proof of purchase for our warranty, services and other related services, as well as our invitation for you to participate in our subsequent activities. SPECIALIZED will provide limited lifetime warranty to SPECIALIZED bicycles, framesets, equipment and ROVAL wheels after they were registered.For more information, see our Global Warranty Policypage


How to register:

1. Search“SPECIALIZED会员中心”Wechat mini program or scan the QR code below:

2. Click “Product Registration” and complete the registration per the instruction on the page.




Pre-purchase Notes

What’s the procedure of purchasing SPECIALIZED’S products on its China official website?

Purchase of equipment

Select the equipment→place an order on→goods dispatched at the warehouse→goods delivered via SF to the customer’s door→order completed

Purchase of a whole bicycle

  • Ship to home

select the model and size of bicycle→place an order on →order information confirmed by the customer service representative→order confirmed→goods dispatched at the warehouse→goods delivered via SF to the customer’s door→inspect the goods and sign the electronic receipt→order completed

  • Pick up In-Store

select the model and size of bicycle→select a store→place an order on→order information confirmed by customer service representative→order confirmed→goods dispatched at the warehouse→pick up goods at the store→order completed


What matters do I need to pay attention when placing an order?

1. If you select Ship to homeit indicates that you automatically abandon the free bicycle assembling service by SPECIALIZED. If you desire to have your bicycle assembled at the store after purchase, you may be required to pay a separate charge. The charge standard is subject to the price list of the specific store.

2. Please fill in the real name of the recipient at the time of submitting the order to facilitate the verification of purpose by our designated forwarder.


Which methods can I use to pay for the order?

To make your shopping easier, we're happy to accept payment via Alipay and WeChat Pay.


How do I cancel an order?

Orders can be cancelled at any time prior to clicking on the "Submit Order" button. Once you’ve submitted the order, our warehouse workers will promptly pack the ordered goods and prepare for the shipment as per the priority of orders placed upon receipt of your payment. If you want to cancel the order, please contact our customer service representative through the customer service window. We will do our best to cancel the order. If the shipment of your order is earlier than the cancellation, you can apply for refunding within 14 days upon receipt of the goods.


How to check the invoice?

You can contact the customer service representative on the official website to apply for the issuance of an invoice by providing the required information upon confirmation of receipt of the ordered goods.


Other notes

1.The correct assembly of a bicycle requires excellent professional knowledge of machinery, relevant skills, training and special tools. Please strictly operate in accordance with our installation diagram or video of instructing the installation, or contact our customer service representatives or dedicated Riders’ Advisers for help. You may also select to have your bicycle assembled or maintained at SPECIALIZED’s authorized retailers and have the breakdowns fixed. The service charges so incurred shall be borneby you. The standards of the charges are subject to the price list of the specific store.

2.Before starting the first ride, please ensure that the spare parts such as the brakes and drivetrain have already been correctly assembled and adjusted as per our instructions and work normally. Also, please carefully read the relevant product instruction.

3.Don’t refit the frame or the bicycle by any means. Don’t install any incompatible spare parts. Any incompliance with SPECIALIZED’s relevant instructions may cause damages to the parts of the bicycle, invalidate the warranty for your bicycle and equipment, and more importantly, cause serious personal injury or even death.

4.The aftersales services for the products sold on will be provided by offline stores. If there aren’t such stores in your region, you can directly contact the customer service representatives, or ask specific questions via email, and the SPECIALIZED Rider Care will provide a corresponding solution.
Email: [email protected]




What’s are the modes of distribution of ?

The distribution modes of includes:

Distribution of equipment

Your equipment will be packed and delivered from SPECIALIZED to your home.

Distribution of whole bicycles and frames

  • Ship to home

Your bicycle will be packed and delivered from SPECIALIZED to your home. The bicycle will be pre-assembled, inspected and repacked by a professional. You only need to assemble it on your own through several simple steps. If you select Ship to home it indicates that you automatically abandon the free bicycle assembling service by SPECIALIZED. If you desire to have your bicycle assembled at the store after purchase, you may be required to pay a separate charge. The charge standard is subject to the price list of the specific store.

  • Pick up In-Store

SPCIALIZED’s head office will dispatch the goods to a nearby store selected by you. You shall pick up the goods in the selected store based on the email or SMS confirming the order. Your bicycle will be assembled by SPECIALIZED’s staff before you ride it home.


What’s are the area for distribution of the goods purchased on

Distribution of equipment

The areas for distribution of the goods purchased on include mainland of China, Hong Kong and Macao.

Distribution of whole bicycles and frames

  • Ship to home

If you select “Ship to home” for a whole bicycle and a frame purchased on , the area for goods distribution is mainland of China.

  • Pick up In-Store

If you select “Pick up In-Store” for a whole bicycle and a frame purchased on, the area for distribution covers only the cities in mainland China where there areSPCIALIZED’s licensed distribution stores. Click “Find Store.If you are outside of these regions, contact the Specialized distributor or retailer in your region for specifics on how your region does business.Other markets where online shopping is offered direct from SPECIALIZED include the United States, Brazil, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia.


Do I need to pay any freight?

We will deliver the goods to you free of charge. The forwarder will be designated by SPECIALIZED (default courier: SF). If our designated forwarder fails to ship the goods due to such special reasons as the epidemic or traffic control, we will contact you as soon as possible to check if you want to cancel the order or wait for the delivery after the lifting of such bans.


What’s the shipment time of goods purchased on

After our courier has picked up the goods, a notice including the tracking number of the courier will be sent to you via email or mobile phone. You can look up you tracking number by logging into your account and then clicking the "order history" link.

Shipment time of equipment

The goods for all the orders received by us will be shipped within 48 hours. Orders placed on legal holidays will be handled on the next business day.

Shipment time of whole bicycles and frames

  • Ship to home

If you select “Ship to home,” we will discuss with you the specific date of delivery of the goods ordered in accordance with the pre-assembling requirements.

  • Pick up In-Store

If you select “Pick up In-Store,” the store will notify you by telephone when the whole bicycle or the frame has arrived. Then you can arrange time for picking up the goods at the store selected as per the order confirmation email or SMS.


How to track orders on official website ?

If you login or register as a member of to a purchase, you can visit, and check your order history to learn the progress of your order.If you has placed your order through a visitor’s account, you may not review the order history placed prior to your account registration. However, you don’t have to worry about that. We will send an email with the order tracking number to you upon shipment. We've teamed up with SF EXPRESS to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information on your package while it's in transit. Upon shipment, please visit, enter your tracking number, and you'll see the latest updates of your shipment.If your account information does not update with your tracking number or in case of any other question, please contact our customer service representatives.


How to sign for the goods?

Sign for equipment

The receipt of the products can be signed by you or a person designated by you. If you instruct the forwarder to place the product at a designated place, it will be deemed that it’s been signed for by you in person.

Sign for whole bicycles or frames

  • Sign for the goods delivered by Ship to home

Due to the particularity of our products, our forwarder will require you or the person designated by you to sign for the goods at the time of delivery of the goods. Electronic receipts shall be signed for all goods deliveries. Please note that if you cannot sign for the goods by yourself, your family members living with you or the third party designated by you may sign for the goods, or you may instruct the forwarder to place the product at a designated place, in which case it will be deemed that you’ve personally signed for it, and the product has been delivered.

  • Sign for the goods picked up in-store

You or the person designated by you are requested to take delivery of the goods at the store selected by you as per the email or SMS confirmed by the order. Your bicycle will be assembled by a professional before you ride it home.After confirming and signing for the goods, please promptly inspect them and confirm the following points. Please contact the online customer service representatives or the store from which you’ve picked up the goods in case of any problems.

1.Please check whether the products are in good condition and flawless. If it’s a whole bicycle or a whole frame, please ensure that there aren’t any problems such as damages, scratches or collided places on all parts of the frame one by one under bright lights. Note: There may be some connecting traces in the paint surfaces between the frame and the front fork, as well as that near the part of installing parts, such as headsets, seattubes, bottom brackets and disc brake mounts, and there may exist some minor differences between the edge of the logo on the frame and the area of paint; however, this is a normal condition in the production process, and not a product quality defect.

2.Check and confirm whether the product accessories are complete. If it’s a whole bicycle or a whole frame, please check whether the frame, fork or seat post is fixed inside the packaging box and is not in a dispersed state, and whether the box of small parts has been damaged or lost.



Return Polices

What is your return policies?

SPECIALIZED offers a 14-day satisfaction policies on all products purchased from our official website at If you’re unsatisfied with the goods received, you may apply for return within 14 days upon receipt of them, and send them back to the Recalling Group of in China. Return shipping charges are the responsibility of the consumer. After deducting corresponding charges such as freight, the fees of returning, and the value protection insurance cost, we will return the surplus amount to your payment account via the original route. Please find the procedure and details of how to return the goods.



Return of equipment

There is a return/exchange form which arrived included in the packaging of your shipment. Please read over that form, fill it out completely with as much detail as possible and include it in the packaging which is to be returned. If an item being returned is defective, please describe the defect and the location thereof on the form, as well.

When sending back your package, address it to: Recalling Group

No.1 Warehouse Office,

No.619 Chuan Nanfeng Road, Chuansha New Town,

Pudong District, Shanghai

Returning of whole bicycle and frame

  • Ship to home
  • Abnormal prior to signing for the goods: Please carefully check as soon as possible whether the appearance of the packaging box, model and color meet the requirements, whether the packaging box is complete, and whether there is any indentation or damages upon receipt of the goods. If so, they may cause wearing or breakage to the frame or loss of parts inside the packaging box due to the impact during transportation.In case there are any abnormal conditions on the outer packaging box, please open the box to check to verify whether the bicycle inside is in good condition and flawless before signing SF’s confirmation receipt.If you find any damages to the bicycle inside the box, please take a picture of it and refuse to sign for it. If you need any help, please contact our online customer service representatives, we will solve the problem as soon as possible.
  • Goods return or replacement not due to quality problems after signing for them: You need to restore the original packages, and bear the relevant costs and risks for sending them back. We suggest that you keep the original packaging box and the packing materials for 14 days after signing for the goods.Upon packing the goods, please contact our online customer service representatives. We will arrange a SF worker to go to your home for taking back the goods, and purchase sufficient amount of value protection insurance for the returned goods.After SF’s worker takes the goods back, you can consult the customer service representatives to learn how to handle the subsequent operations. We will arrange the refunding for you upon receipt of the goods by our warehouse. Actual refunding amount=actual paid amount-freight of sending and returning the goods-the value protection insurance cost.
  • Return or replacement of defected goods after signing for them: After confirming with the customer service representatives and the SPECIALIZED Rider Care, proving that it’s really a quality problem, we will promptly provide an appropriate solution. In case of need to return the goods after communications, you’re required to assist in packing the bicycle, and our customer service representatives will assist you in sending them back. After receiving and verifying them, we will promptly process the return and replacement of the goods. Please note: The returned goods shall be in good condition and flawless, and must be accompanied with the original packages, including all accessories, manual and instruction, among others. All freight arising from quality problems will be borne by SPECIALIZED.
  • Pick up In-Store
  • Goods return or replacementnot due to quality problems:The whole bicycle or frame sold on are all delivered by SF from the headquarter’s warehouse in Shanghai to the store selected by you, which is a big-sized object shipment service with value protection insurance. If you choose to return the goods within 14 days without cause and not for any quality problems, you shall assume the freight between SPECAILIZED’s warehouse and the store selected, as well as the value protection insurance cost. In case of a replacement due to such problems as preference, color of painting or decoration, small-area scratches, injury by collision (replacement of parts not accepted) and unfit size, you need to confirm that the bicycle returned has not be assembled or used and that the original factory package materials and accessory boxes are complete. Please leave the goods in a SPECIALIZED’s store, which will send the goods back.
  • Return or replacement of defected goods: If a SPECIALIZED’s store and the SPECIALIZED Rider Care jointly determine that there’s a quality problem which cannot be solved through replacement of accessories, you may contact our online customer service representatives for the returning of defected goods. Please note the quality problems on and sign the Checklist. The goods will be transported back by SPECIALIZED’s store.


How long will I take to process my refund?

Once product checking process handled by Rider Care is finished and the product is eligible to be returned based on above return criteria, we'll strive to process all returns as soon as possible. Product checking process may last for 7 working days.


Can I return the good purchased from a SPECIALIZED’s retailer to the recalling group of

Please directly apply with SPECIALIZED’s authorized retailers for returning the goods. is unable to process returns of goods purchased PECIALIZED’s authorized retailers.



Product Information

What should I do if the products I’m looking for are not available on the official website or my purchase cannot be processed on

Some parts and accessories of SPECIALIZED bicycles are authorized to be sold together only with the whole bicycles. In the meantime, professional knowledge and techniques to a certain degree are required for assembling the bicycles or equipment. Therefore, you cannot place an order for such accessories directly and separately on our official website. You may contact our retailers to order such accessories, which will provide you with the sale and assembly services in connection with the parts and accessories.If you have any questions, feel free to contact the customer service representatives.


How do I determine the size of my bicycle?

First, look over your frame to see if there are any stickers indicating its size (for example: 17, 19, M, L, 56, 58, etc.). If a sticker indicating the size does not exist, then follow these simple steps:

1.Measure the length of your bicycle's head tube. The head tubeis the part connecting the front fork and the frame. It’s a tapered opening at the most front end of the major part of the frame, which is used for installing and fixing the front fork. You will need to measure this length in millimeters.

2.Once you have the length of your bicycle's head tube in millimeters, you can then compare that length to the geometry chart for your corresponding year and model of bicycle. A geometry chart is a chart that lists all of the important measurements of your bicycle's frame in relation to each size the bicycle was made in. For the geometry chart for your specific model and year (as well as other valuable information about your specific bicycle model), please refer to “Bike Archive” at the bottom of the first page on SPECIALIZED’s American official website ( to find the relevant model data.

3.Once you've located your specific model and year in the official website, click on the "Geometry" tab located under the photo of your bicycle. This will show you the frame geometry chart for your specific model and year.

4.Locate the row in the geometry chart labeled "head tube length" and find the measurement that matches the measurement that you took from your bicycle's head tube.

5.Once you've found a match, scan to the top of that column and you'll see the corresponding size of your bicycle.

Note: A serial number does not indicate the size, model, or year of a bicycle. We cannot identify the relevant information about the bicycles through the serial number of the bicycles only. If you don’t know the model and year of production of a bicycle, please check them through the bicycle model and photo database of the “Bike Archive” on our official website.


Where can I find my bicycle’s serial number?

The serial numbers of almost all of our bicycles are marked at the bottom of the top tube of the frame and near the bottom brackets shell. Some newer models will have a non-removable sticker on the down tube near the bottom bracket. Specialized serial numbers typically start with the prefix "WSBC," "WUD," "STT," or "STE", plus Arabic numerals.If you don't know where the bottom bracket shell of the bike is, simply turn the bike upside-down and the bottom bracket is the part of the frame that the cranks run through. You will see the serial number stamped into the frame down there.


How often shall the rear shock and the front fork of a mountain bike be maintained and repaired?

When your shock is in active use, a small amount of residual grease will purge from the seals. This is normal—it is not the oil leaking from the shock. These seals need to be damp with grease, and a little bit of oil on the shock is the sign that things are working properly.To prevent wear and damage to the shock, we recommend the following maintenance schedule for Specialized branded suspension forks and rear shocks:

  • Set sag every ride.
  • Adjust rebound every ride.
  • Clean shock body every ride.
  • Air sleeve maintenance Every 50 hours.
  • Clean aluminum pivot reducers and check for wear grease every 50 hours.
  • Have your retailer send your fork/shock to the Specialized Service Center for inspection and oil change every 150 hours or annually.
  • For FOX and RockShox co-branded BRAIN suspension products, please send it to a SPECIALIZED’sauthorized retailers for maintenance of the air chamber and spare parts every 30 hours.
  • For FOX and RockShox co-branded BRAIN suspension products, please send it to a SPECIALIZED’sauthorized retailers for inspection and full oil change/service every 100 hours or annually.


CAUTION!All related shock maintenance must be performed by a professional service distributor authorized by SPECIALIZED.




For more information, see our Global Warranty Policy page